Characteristics of the brand
100% Excellent Taiwan Tea
Seasonal fresh fruits are carefully selected
Direct delivery from local dairy farms
Natural braised cane sugarNatural braised cane sugar
Yifang Laboratory and food safety certification
100% Excellent Taiwan Tea
140 hectares of tea gardens, recording tea culture of Taiwanese. The Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea comes from the local tea gardens of Mingjian, Lugu and Sun Moon Lake. They provide tea to the shops in Taiwan Providence, and direct delivery to the shops in Mainland China and overseas. The total tea production area has reached 140 hectares and is ranked No 1 in the world. Taiwan shows to the world that local tea farmers cherishes tea, and the enthusiasm of Yifang supporting local farmers inheriting Taiwanese culture.
Seasonal fresh fruits are carefully selected
With the reputation of the fruit kingdom, the fruits of Taiwan come from the painstaking efforts of farmers. Yifang carefully selects local seasonal fruits from different regions, such as pineapples from Guanmiao, Green Plum from Xinyi Township, Granadilla from Puli, Roselle from Jinfeng, Kumquat from Ilan, Cane from Shikou, and Lemon from Jiuru. All the fruits are full of Taiwanese flavor.
Direct delivery from local dairy farms
The local dairy farms with exclusive contract with Yifang comes from pure farms in Tainan. Only the best nutrition formula, including natural feed and several enzyme nutrition formulas are provided to the dairy cattle. No artificial milk powder or creamer is added. It is insisted on providing the pure and natural fresh milk to you.
Natural braised cane sugar
The cane sugar in Taiwan is carefully selected. The harvested cane is braised to become cane sugar. The crystals reveal golden yellow. The cane tastes light sweet but yet not greasy. Any chemical sugar liquid is prohibited. It is insisted on using Taiwan Golden Brown Sugar. It is mellow with sweet aftertaste and will not cause any stress to the body.
Yifang Laboratory and food safety certification

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea Laboratory has been established!

The ingredients can be inspected by Yifang for your food safety at all levels. Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea establishes a quality control laboratory and builds up a complete quality control system. The samples of ingredients for each batch of tea, fresh fruit juice, fresh milk, Taiwan Golden Brown Sugar, and brown sugar are taken for record and regular tracking in order to ensure the stability of quality. The current inspection items include professional tests such as sugar content, water activity, organic acid of fruit juice, fat content in fresh milk, and culture of microorganism

Three major insistence for food safety management:

Insisting on sampling test by batch and being in accordance with official rules and regulations.
Insisting on keeping the records of the samples and all ingredients being traceable.
The head office sends secret customers to stores randomly to verify the standard operation procedures.

The Quality Control Laboratory of Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea conducts Industry-Academy Cooperation with Graduate Institute of Food Safety of National Chung Hsing University to test from the raw materials to beverage process in all levels for you. The ingredients are tested by Yifang so that you could relieved enjoying the tea.